dear diary...

Gudetama Socks 

You told me that I reminded you of Gudetama as you fished out 3 pairs of bright yellow socks from your drawer.

Oh no. Worried thoughts whipped up a tempest in my mind — a clash of frenzy and confusion. 

What have I done to give you the impression that I am just a lazy egg with such a pessimistic, worse, nihilistic worldview. An egg that seems to have nothing better to do in his life and just laments and moans about every triviality. Am i that fragile, am i that weak?

I searched your curious expression for a clue, for a glint of hope that it wasn’t anything that I was thinking of. 

A satisfying smile spreads like the white of a fresh egg across a pan. 

It reminds me of you. Yellow, fat and cute.”

I almost went in for a hug but I was helplessly enamoured by your ridiculous smile that has always betrayed mischief. 


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