dear diary...

To my lovely cousin,

*taps mic*

“Good afternoon everyone, it’s an honour to be given this opportunity to give a speech like this on my cousin’s special day.

My cousin, Chay Sujun, has a rather peculiar online persona. She’s the girl with the big appetite. For food, yes, a voracious appetite for food, and that I can testify. But for many other things as well. She’s always hungry for creativity, new designs, FOOD, Haruki Murakami books, art museums, FOOD, Lang Leav poetry, yoga, and…FOOD.

She’s the one who co-designs my childhood, regularly buying me the newest powerpuff DVDs when she knows about my obsession with them, dressing me up as a little witch on my 7th birthday, spoiling me with all the soft-toys I wanted and endowing me with all the liberty and creative tools to express myself.

Well, I didn’t turn out like her but she is and will always be my role model in terms of all things artistic. It’s nice to, once in a while, stumble across her work online amidst the wave of conventional pictures and photos because, even if it were a photograph of 16 potted succulents or a shot of her two petite little feet on a leaf-strewn road taken after her yoga class, there is always something personal about it, an intimate reminder that beauty is all around us.

Today, I stand here, an extremely happy and grateful cousin, a work-in-progress in which she had contributed a fair share of her time and effort. I would like to take this opportunity to once more congratulate her and Winston and wish both of them a fruitful, everlasting and joyful marriage. There is a saying that goes “The biggest design project anyone can have is their own life”. Well, there’s an even bigger project that awaits, and that is a life in matrimony. So I hope you have a blessed one and when both of you encounter some difficulties at some point in this project, I hope you both remember this very day, the promises you made to each other and the reasons that united both of your hearts into one. Again, I just want to emphasise that I am truly honoured to be part of this special day of yours. Cheers to Shujun and Winston, and thank you!”


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