dear diary..., wanderlust

A Night’s Stay At Tsim Sha Tsui

Never a peaceful one
And don’t get me wrong
You will eventually fall
Into a restful sleep
After watching shadows dance across your ceiling lit in the warm glow of the street lamps
After feeling the walls and the ground shudder and reverberate with every super car that flies past
After you’ve listened to the same Ariana Grande song on repeat for the umpteenth time and suddenly a Justin Bieber song comes on and you roll your eyes
After you’ve recalled the past activities of the day
About how run down and decrepit the buildings look
Yet how lively the city still is
About how those people on the streets manage to make a living in such a cutthroat environment
About how we’ve mastered and superseded Mother Nature, building a metropolis atop hills and uneven topography
Converting what was harsh terrain into a space for leisure, sports, tourism and commerce

It’s a long, slow and sometimes frustrating endeavor to fall asleep


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