dear diary...


The semester has come to a close. Oh how fast time flies when you’re having fun, when you’re so immersed in all the activities, when you’re struggling to stay abreast of everything, when you look forward to orientation, the first day of college, recess week, the completion of your first, second and third bout of essays…

This semester has been nothing short of amazing. I experienced so many firsts. From singing in a chamber choir for the very first time, agreeing to be an accompanist for my pal’s Yangqin performance (despite my utter lack of performance experience), hanging out at a bar in Kuching, staying with non-Singaporeans, experiencing the newfound liberty of staying away from home, away from the clutches and surveillance of my (loving) parents…

I think I’ve grown tremendously as an individual throughout just these few months and it surprises me how much I have taken in and how much I’ve…grown. It was so stark a contrast against the few months prior to college, when I basically wasted my days away…in limbo…waiting passively…for something to happen…

If there’s one thing that I took away from these hectic and crazy few months, it is to MAKE THINGS HAPPEN. Experiences don’t just come hurtling towards you; growth doesn’t occur unless you consciously step beyond that cozy little metaphorical cell of yours; and people will always be unfamiliar strangers to you unless you break the ice in between with a conversation, no matter how shy that “Hi, I’m Ning” may end up sounding.




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