dear diary...


not really sure when i started falling. to crave every moment, every second of your presence, even if it means occasional awkward silences or the slight embarrassment every time our fingers collide for a millisecond.

i just held on to every memory of us together, in a common space, breathing in the same air of a lecture hall, a hawker centre, a minivan. i look forward to every meeting with you. i do. to evening runs when i try to sync my strides with yours. to breakfasts bonding over prata and spilled curry. to the lectures and talks that you would enthusiastically invite me, and where i try, oh so helplessly, to focus my eyes and thoughts on the presenter. i look forward to every acapella practice session where i can soak in the warmth of your baritone voice.

i just wanted to say, we’ve barely started. but i am ready. your pull on me is like gravity.



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